Liz Johnston Art

The Beauty of Southern Landscape Paintings

When you look through Liz Johnston art, you see a lot of southern landscape paintings, along with abstract works that bring classic southwest themes to mind. Regardless of the exact piece of Liz Johnston art you choose, you can look forward to enjoying beauty in your home and art in your life.

Many of these works contain the rich color palettes of the southwest, including rust oranges, turquoise blues, and soft earth tones. You can find paintings of buffalos, horses, aspen trees, waterscapes, flowers, and the rolling hills of beautiful ranches. But many of these southern landscape paintings do not capture a specific area or item. Instead, they use an abstract approach to make you see and feel the huge expanse of the south and southwest.

If you are drawn to texture, in particular, you will love these works. When painting, Liz does not just use brushes and paint on canvas. Instead, she gets deeply into her work, using her hands as well as a variety of other tools. To create texture, she turns to molding paste and gesso. By layering these elements on the canvas, she creates an enticing work that promises to turn any wall into a conversation piece.

Liz has been working professionally as an artist for about a decade, but she has been working as an artist her whole life. Even as a child, she loved turning the beauty of the world into creations on paper, and she got a lot of inspiration while training and showing horses.

You can see her love for this lifestyle, shining through these works. Her work makes you almost see gorgeous horses running through fields, flowers growing, the sun setting over the water, and other beautiful parts of the world and of this corner of the world in particular.