Southwestern Art Expo

Why You Should Check Out a Southwestern Art Expo

There are so many different events to attend, but if you really want to see striking beauty, you should plan to go to a southwestern art expo. Art from this part of the world is known for its rich colors, stark landscapes, and inclusion of animals such as horses and buffalo.

Perhaps, the best-known artist that you may see at a southwestern art expo is Georgia O’Keeffe. She lived in New York for many years, but her work really began to be special once she started living in Texas and New Mexico. There, she realized that she loved bones just as much as flowers and the sentiment of combining all aspects of the natural world has continued into the work of southwestern artists of the contemporary era.

As you will discover when you look at work from a southwestern artist in Fort Worth, many different elements play into the southwestern style. In particular, this art is influenced by the cultures and traditions of all the people who have called this part of the world home for the last several hundred years. This includes Native American nations such as the Navajo and the Apache, the Spanish who colonized this area, and the Europeans who began settling in the era with westward expansion.

The art is also influenced by the long traditions around horses and ranching in the area. As a southwestern artist in Fort Worth, I believe I incorporate many of these elements into my work, and I invite you to look through my online shop or contact me about creating a custom piece so that you can bring the beauty of the southwest into your home.